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Our Retract Roof has all the features of our Opening Roofs with the added function of being able to retract the louver blades back.

Retract Roofs let you set your scene. Enjoy the sky above by retracting the louvers back. Bring them back overhead when you want shelter from the elements.

The clever Retract range consists of a Retractable Opening Roof and Retractable Sun Louvers.


Blades not only open and close when they are overhead they can also retract back.

Custom designed, manufactured and installed to meet your project requirements.

Retract the blades back to enjoy the sky above as required.

Bring the blades back overhead for operable overhead shelter.

Available in a huge range of powder-coated colors.

Fully motorized and specified by architects.

Made of aluminum so they're durable.

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Coastal Living Beach House

Three Retractable Opening Roofs were specified on a multi million dollar beachside apartment complex.